Absence/Lateness (Safe Arrival Program)

As part of our Safe Arrival program, parents/guardians are asked to call the school before 8:45 am if their child is going to be absent or late.  An answering machine will record messages outside of regular school hours.  If your child is absent from school and we have not heard from a parent/guardian, we have a “Safe Arrival Policy” of telephoning parents.  We will telephone you at home and/or work in order to ensure that your child is safe.  In the event that we are unable to contact a parent/guardian we will call the emergency contacts provided on the Student Information Form.

Late students must report to the office before proceeding to class.  Habitual absence or lateness is reported to Student Services at the Board Office.


Allergy Awareness

Please contact the school immediately if your child has any health problems which may restrict participation in school activities, or conditions, which may give rise to an emergency situation (e.g., allergies to certain foods, perfumes, flowers, bee stings, cardiac problems, hemophilia, respiratory difficulties, etc…).

We strive to make the whole school Peanut-Safe.


Bicycles and Scooters

Students who ride bicycles or scooters to school must walk them onto and off school property. All students riding a bike or scooter to school must wear a bike helmet.  Bicycles and scooters should be walked on the side of the school with the basketball posts (and not on the gym side of the school).  They are to be parked and locked in the racks near the back fence.  During the school day, students are to remain away from the bicycle racks. Roller blades, heelies and skateboards are not allowed on school property. Following these rules will increase safety for all.


Cell Phones/iPods/Personal Property

Students are strongly discouraged from bringing valuables and personal property (e.g., money, jewellery, MP3 players, pagers, cell phones, expensive sporting equipment) to school. As well, students are not allowed to bring trading cards of any kind to school. The school cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage to a student’s personal property.

If a student needs to bring a cell phone to school, the phone must be turned off upon reaching school property.


Community Information

Information about events and registrations taking place in our community are found on our website and/or posted on the bulletin board outside of the main office.


Environmental Concerns

Queen Victoria is working help the environment.  Students are encouraged to participate in our “Bounce Back” snack and lunch program. 

  • Students are encouraged to bring all food and drinks in reusable containers (e.g., instead of a single-use ziplock bag or single-use water bottle)
  • Non-reusable containers are to go home in the student’s lunch bag (e.g., a single use water bottle would go home to be recycled)
  • All paper should be recycled rather than thrown into garbage cans


Field Trips

From time to time, teachers take students on field trips to support the classroom curriculum.  Such an activity may be as simple as a walk in our local neighbourhood, to the park across from the school or a bus trip out of town.

On rare occasions, a field trip may be more recreational, such as an excursion as a reward at the year’s end.  On a case-by-case basis the administration may deny students who have been suspended, or who has been involved in inappropriate behaviour. 


Gym Clothing and Footwear

Students should have proper gym clothing and footwear at school.  Proper gym clothing includes a t-shirt, shorts/track pants and running shoes/sneakers.  It is advisable for students to keep a pair of sneakers at school for use in the classroom and the gymnasium. Changing shoes when students come in from outdoors answers a number of health and safety concerns and makes the maintenance of the building easier.  We advise that wearing flip-flops can be unsafe.


Hallway Behaviour

  • Students are expected to travel through the halls quietly.
  • Running is not permitted in the halls.
  • When using the stairs, staff and students are asked to stay to the right.
  • Food / gum are not to be eaten / chewed in the hallways. 


Head Lice

Pediculosis (head lice) occurs occasionally and is very contagious. If your child has head lice, please notify the school immediately so that we can encourage parents of all children in the class to check their child’s hair. Instructions for care are available from the school office. Children with pediculosis must be excluded from school until proper treatment has been given and the child is nit free.  The school secretary will call you to notify you that your child needs to be picked up immediately.  When a case of pediculosis is discovered in a classroom, a letter will go home with each child in the class in order to ensure that parents can be diligent in checking their child’s hair.

After a student has been sent home because of pediculosis a parent/guardian must bring and remain with the student at school until the pupil has been determined to be nit free.  If the student, after being checked, continues to have nits the parent/guardian will need to take the student home.



The following recommendations may be helpful in developing effective homework habits:

  • set aside a place and an amount of time each weekday night to allow relatively uninterrupted work – avoid television, telephone calls, screens etc. during this time
  • begin by completing unfinished class work or assignments that are due the next day
  • work on assignments and projects that are due later in the week or month
  • update notes or review course material
  • use any remaining time for reading

Staff members at Queen Victoria Public  School recognize and appreciate the following facts in regard to homework:

  • our students already have a long day and should not be subjected to excessive amounts of homework
  • with the exception of special projects, most homework will be the completion of work that has been assigned in class
  • many students have busy schedules outside of the school and some flexibility of deadlines may be considered if students negotiate this with their teacher ahead of time
  • preparation for tests is part of homework
  • school planners are a valuable aid for teachers with the assistance of parents/guardians to teach students how to organize their time
  • students are expected to use their planners to keep track of assignments and help organize their time
  • daily reading at home will help to develop students’ literacy skills


NOTE: All students should be doing some homework each night – this includes reading.

Students going on extended vacations should contact the classroom teacher for homework information.


Inclement Weather

If buses are cancelled due to poor weather, schools are still open.  However, parents are asked to keep in mind the following:

  • Parents who drop their children off at school are responsible for picking them up at the end of the day.
  • Students are given a grant day in regards to attendance on days when buses are cancelled – as such missing school on a bus day will not penalize a student aiming for perfect attendance.

Any bus cancellations are announced on 91.9 FM (BOB FM) after 6:30am. 


Internet Use

Trillium Lakelands District School Board has an Internet Use Policy in place that clearly states expectations and responsibilities with respect to student use of internet in schools.  A form which is to be signed by both student and parents / guardians will be sent home at the beginning of each year.


Leaving School Property

Students leaving school property during the day must bring a signed note from their parent or guardian to the office.  Students must sign out and then sign in when they return.

Students should only be leaving school property for Lunch during our 2nd Nutritional Break (12:45 p.m. to 1:25 p.m.).



Students have access to the school library and may sign out books for leisure reading or for school-based projects.  Students are expected to return their library books in a timely fashion.  Students who have not returned books will be charged a replacement cost.  Books or the replacement fee must be paid in order to sign out books in the future.


Lost and Found

Many articles of clothing find their way to the Lost and Found. It is helpful if the student’s name is clearly marked on his/her possessions. There is often a reluctance to retrieve articles from the Lost and Found Box. Parents are urged to check to see what treasures might be waiting there. Students are discouraged from bringing expensive items to school.  Items not claimed after a reasonable time will be donated to a local charity.


“Lunch” Time (2nd Nutrition Break)

The second Nutrition/Recess break (from 12:45 p.m. to 1:25 p.m.) is when students may go home for lunch.  A student who regularly stays at school for lunch must have a written note from a parent giving permission to leave school property during the 2ndNutrition/Recess break.  These students must send their note to the office with the morning attendance.  The student must sign out at the office and then report to the office immediately when returning to sign in.  Students who arrive late may lose their privilege of leaving school property during the 2ndNutrition/Recess break.  Students who forget their lunch notes will not be permitted to call home.  We do not have a lunchroom at Queen Victoria.  Students who stay for lunch will eat in their classrooms unless they have been selected to be a room monitor.



A request to administer oral medication (less than 10 school days) must be made in writing. The parents must recognize that a person without medical training provides the service. A request to administer oral medication (more than 10 days) must have forms completed by the physician as well as the parent. Forms are available through the school office. All medications including puffers must be kept at the office where they can be locked in a cabinet for safety.



Newsletters will be sent home approximately once per month with the youngest or only child in the family.  Included in the newsletter will be a monthly calendar highlighting upcoming events and activities.  It is the responsibility of the student to take the newsletter home. 



Students will…

  • enter and exit through designated doors.
  • leave sticks, stones and other objects on the ground
  • remain within the school yard boundaries
  • treat our natural surroundings with care
  • no food or drinks are to be brought outside


Progress Reports

Progress report cards are sent home in November.  Formal report cards are sent home twice during the school year in February and June.  Interviews, letters and phone calls may also be used to communicate student progress throughout the year.  Parents / guardians should feel free to contact teachers at any time to review their child’s progress.



In addition to classroom hours, supervision is provided between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m. and during nutrition and activity breaks.  We are most concerned with students who arrive on school property prior to 8:30 a.m., as they are unsupervised by an adult at these times.  For your child’s safety, children should not arrive at school before 8:30 a.m..  Children should be picked up promptly at the 3:05 p.m. dismissal.


Teams, Clubs, Activities

During the year, QVPS staff members supervise a variety of extra-curricular activities in such areas as sports, music, drama, and academics.  Students are encouraged to participate in one or more of these activities.

Students who wish to represent the school in extra-curricular activities are expected to be good citizens of QVPS.   



There is a telephone in the main office.  It has been placed there in order to assist students for reasons such as illness.  The phone is only to be used with the permission of the homeroom teacher and the principal or school secretary. 



It is the TLDSB policy that all visitors to the school report to the office as soon as they enter the building. This will ensure the safety of all in the building and ensures that classes will not be interrupted.  In accordance with the Safe School Policy, badges marked with “VISITOR” will be issued to all parents and volunteers who will be working in the school. An unknown person without a “visitor” badge will be escorted to the main office.



There are many opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer at Queen Victoria.  Some areas to volunteer at include:

  • Volunteering in Classrooms
  • Parent Council
  • Nutritional Snack/Breakfast Program
  • Fundraising
  • Headchecks
  • Class Trips

All volunteers require a police check.



The school maintains a website for use by parents and students as well as our own staff. On it you will find important information. Please bookmark the website as soon as possible and keep checking for updates.