Return to QVPS 2021/2022 update

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Good afternoon Kodiaks!

My name is Bill Thompson and I am your new Principal at QVPS.

Previously in TLDSB, I have been Principal at Alexandra Public School, Vice-Principal at Central Senior and Vice-Principal at Lady Mackenzie Public School.

September is always a time for excitement in my family.  I have young boys who can’t wait to get back and see their friends and meet their new teachers.  My wife, who is a primary teacher, is getting ready to welcome her new students.

This year you’ll notice a lot of similarities, but also a lot of wonderful new opportunities.

Please see the updates below in terms of health and safety procedures. The full Return to School plan was emailed to you on Friday.  (The full Return to School plan is available here)

Protocols which are continuing to stay in Place

  • Daily self-assessment- Students, families and staff will be required to do a daily self assessment in regards to Covid symptoms
  • K-6 students: Masks must be worn inside at all times unless there is a medical exemption on file
  • Students and staff will continue to use assigned doors/washrooms
  • The boomerang approach, (all materials brought to school such as backpacks, clothing and lunch items will return home daily)
  • Students must sanitize their hands when entering, exiting, and before and after eating
  • Google classrooms and Seesaw will be ready to pivot to [email protected] if school buildings are closed
  • Inclement weather – schools will be closed during inclement weather days and teachers will post work to their Google classroom or Seesaw account
  • No visitors/volunteers in the building at this time

Changes to current protocols

  • Students are not required to wear masks outdoors and will be encouraged to maintain physical distancing as much as possible
  • Cohorts of students on the yard at an assigned recess time may mix and interact with each other.
  • Playground equipment can be used
  • Sharing of materials- while indoors, materials may be shared within a cohort. Materials, such as recess equipment, may be shared between cohorts when outside followed by hand washing/sanitizing
  • Physical Education: all activities are now permitted
  • Field trips- we will approach field trips very slowly and cautiously and approve only those trips that do not increase risks to students and staff
  • Extracurriculars are permitted. – Similarly to field trips, we will approach the rollout of these important programs very slowly and cautiously as the year progresses.

Ms. Brown and I will be at QVPS on Monday, August 30th. We will be working to finalize registrations and class lists.  Our staff will be in Professional Development on Wednesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 2nd.

Mrs. Gignac and our Kindergarten team have been notifying our Junior Kindergarten families of their staggered start dates beginning Wednesday, September 8th.  We are hoping to notify you of classroom information, including who their teacher is next week.

First day of school for SK-6 Kodiaks is on Tuesday, September 7th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

– Mr. Thompson