School Climate Survey

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Dear QVPS Parents,
We want to hear from you! An anonymous school survey will be available beginning November 20 until December 1, 2017 for parents, staff, and students. It is a voluntary survey that allows you to provide your thoughts and opinions about your school. Your feedback will help us:
● Assess perceptions of safety
● Make informed planning decisions about programs to help prevent bullying and promote safe and inclusive schools
● Determine the effectiveness of our programs
● Build and sustain a positive school climate
Our families play a key role in contributing to a positive school environment. Your feedback will help us make practical improvements and strengthen the overall learning and behaviour in our school.
Students will be completing the survey in class using random usernames and passwords to ensure anonymity.
We will be setting up Chromebooks in the Library on Parent Teacher night, November 23, from 2:30 until 8:00 to allow parents to come into the school and complete the survey. We will also set up Chromebooks in the gym on November 28, from 2:30 until 3:30. Parents who come in and complete the survey will have their names put into a draw for one of three $20 gift cards. The survey is also available using the following link, which will also be posted on our website, on Facebook and on Twitter for parents who would like to complete the survey at home.
We look forward to your feedback!