Safety on the Playground

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For the past week and a half, students at QVPS have been restricted to the tarmac (pavement) area of the playground due to icy conditions on the field and around the play structures.  We have made this decision to take measures to prevent injuries associated with trips and falls.

During supervision times, staff have been asked to ensure that students are not permitted on play structures or the yard until it is safer.  We ask that parents/caregivers who arrive before 8:30am or stay late after 3:15 be aware that conditions in these areas are very slippery and students are not permitted to be in these areas at recess until it is safer and more passable.

We ask that you be aware of the risks of allowing children to play there in these icy conditions when staff are not on the yard and perhaps consider keeping them off the play structures and icy yard until it is safer.