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Miss Dickson expresses her sincerest apologies for inadvertently missing some of our awesome team members.  Here is the complete list this time!

We have had an amazing season for our Running/Walking Club and Cross country team this year. Ms Dickson and Mme Tessa would like to congratulate all of the members of this year’s running club that have come out every Monday, Tuesday and Friday mornings for the last 3 weeks to get some exercise.

Running Club Members include:  Jackson W., Tyler J., Devon M.L., Nicholas S., Hannah M.L., Brooklyn T., Marek O., Katie G., Marissa W., Bailey H., Lexi B., Mileena C., Rylynne C., Desbley J.M., Haylee M., Allison J., Ashley C., Miranda H., Braiden M.L., Ethan B., and Shelby C.

Hard work paid off and on Tuesday October 6th, the following members made their distances from 1 km to 3 kms and became members of our Cross Country Running Team and raced at Ken Reid Conservation area: Ayden C., Ethan C., Carson B., Wyatt M., Emily R., Sara M., Kianna D., Cody T., Thomas E., Karleigh T.,  Emma M., Isabella F., Joselyn M., Payton M., Alyssa J., Vanessa G., Christina S., and Megan B., congratulations to Jessica G. who made the team, but was unable to run at the meet.

Everyone on both teams are to be congratulated on their great efforts and recognized for being members of this year’s Running Club. Keep running and we look forward to seeing you next year.

A special thank you to the parents who came out to practices to help supervise, those who got up extra early to have their children participate as well as those who came to the meet to cheer on our kids!

Mrs. Dickson, Madame Tessa